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Lola Foxx & Dakota James (Added: 2014-10-20)
This is was pretty crazy. Dakota got a real issue with her dad dating a girl of her age. And she was such a bitch, her name is Lola Foxx and she treats Dakota like her daughter, yet she's pretty much as old as she is. How crazy is that? Dakota wanted some revenge and a proof to show her dad that girls her age think only about sex, so one day, while both of them were hanging around dad's house, Dakota took a tablet and caught Lola masturbating. If the act itself wasn't embarassing enough, Dakota made her come to her bedroom and eat her pussy - all this while being recorded. What started as a revenge, ended up as genuine homemade lesbian porn tape, because both of these girls probably never knew how good it is to have your pussy licked by another woman!

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